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24 June, 2005

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Installing the 3SGTE

  I filled the crankcase with petroleum-based 10W-30 oil, and filled the transaxle with synthetic 75w-90 gear oil.
  I reconnected the battery and put it on the charger overnight. In the meantime, I needed to connect my laptop to the TEC≥ and upgrade the firmware and install the baseline program to start the car.

Unfortunately, I had problems communicating with the TEC3. After trying different cables (straight-thru and null modem) and different communication parameters, Scott Schulz recommended dropping the baud rate all the way down to 9600bps. Electromotive specifies 38400, and I had already tried 19200 unsuccessfully, but 9600 and a straight-thru serial cable did the trick.
  Once I'd gotten the TEC3 prepared, I adjusted my fuel pressure regulator to 43.5 PSI.
  I checked the AVCR configuration and was surprised to see that my settings from four years earlier were still in place! I dialed the boost setting down to .5 bar for the break-in period.
  I cranked her over and managed to get her to run, but it felt like it was running on only two cylinders. I shut it off and checked out the obvious things like plug wires, etc. In the end, I simply re-created the base map program and uploaded it to the TEC3. Voila! She started right up and ran great, even idling fine.
  The last thing I wanted to do was let the new motor sit there idling, so I edged out of the garage and took her around the block. The alternator belt was screaming (just a bit too tight!), but it seemed to run ok. The clutch was very light.
  Once around the block and back into the garage. To my dismay, I noticed a steady trail of oil drops on the pavement. Not a good sign. I had already replaced the oil pan, so I hoped it was nothing but the pan gasket. From the top, I couldn't see any sign of a leak, and there was no oil spray on the motor.

I decided to let it cool down and check for leaks later.




























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