Last Updated
22 October, 2001


Changing The Transmission Oil

The MKII's 5-speed manual requires periodic changes of the transmission oil. The manufacturer recommends every 15,000 miles. The oil required is 75W-90, GL-5 recommended. Synthetic is recommended to give a better shifting action.

Draining the oil is no problem, but refilling it without a pump can be a problem. I found a solution that works quite well.

Tools Needed

  • 24mm socket

  • Funnel with 2 to 3 feet of 3/8" (I.D.) fuel line

  • Drain pan

  • 2 new 18mm crush washers

Doing It

Remove the 24mm transmission drain, which is located at the bottom left (when viewed from behind) of the transmission sump. Catch the old oil in the drain pan. It helps if the engine/transmission is warmed up. Expect about 4 quarts of oil to drain out.

Clean up the drain bolt, install a new crush washer, then reinstall the plug and torque to 36 ft/lbs.

Now remove the 24mm fill plug, which is located on the front of the transmission case. Clean it up, install a new crush washer, then set it aside.
OK, when you are ready to refill the sump, attach the fuel hose to the funnel. You may need to use a small hose clamp.
Snake the hose down from the top of the engine compartment just behind the AFM unit, as shown here:

From underneath the car, locate the hose and insert it into the fill opening. The hose should fit perfectly into the hole without the chance of it slipping out, as shown here:

I loosened the underbody cover panel, but that isn't necessary once you see how everything works. You can see it hanging down just under the fill hole in this photo:

OK, now you can begin refilling the transmission sump. Make sure you still have the drain pan under the fill hole, because the instructions say to fill until it flows back out. In my case, that was about 3 quarts worth of new oil. 
Once it's full, install the plug and torque to 36 ft/lbs. A little clean up and proper disposal of the waste oil, and you are DONE!


Dave Martin
1993 MR2 Turbo